Symbols of Bled


Coachmen - "Fijaker"

  Coachmen called “Fijaker” can take you for a ride around the lake and to Bled Castle. Many trips to both near and far are possible - to Vintgar or the Pokljuška ravine, through the villages of Gorje, Podhom and Zasip or through Mlino, Selo, Ribno, Bodešče and Koritno, as well as to the golf course or to the Šobec Camp. If you so wish, you can travel as far as Begunje and Draga, Kropa or even Bohinj. The carriage station is by the Festival Hall. 
Information: +386 4 / 574 11 21, +386 41 710 970 

Traditional Transport To The Island By Special Boat "PLETNA" 

The island church with its bell invites all visitors. The best way to get to the island is by the traditional Bled special boat called “Pletna”. The pleasant trip on the lake includes a half-hour stop (or as agreed) on the island.The boatmen are stationed and waiting for you at the Health Park, under Hotel Park, in Mlino, and at the Rowing Centre. Other rides on the lake are available by arrangement. Price: 12 EUR/person
Information: +386 (0)41 427 155


Cream Cakes

Cream cakes, known to Bled for decades, are in fact the symbol of Bled. Altrough you can buy them elsewhere, those from Bled are simply the best. Ištvan Lukačevič, the former manager of the Hotel Park patisserie, tested recipes for many years before he finally succeeded. His cream cakes, which are prepared at this patisserie and sold in the café opposite the hotel, are famous.

What is the secret? 
In fact, there is no secret - only experience matters, and the cooks from Bled have plenty of experience. Over the last 40 years they have sold as many as 7 million cream cakes. Let us tempt you: a golden crispy crust made from butter dough (mixed with butter, not margarine), a delicious vanilla cream of exactly the right consistency (with exactly the right amount of flour - if there is too much the cakes are no good, if too little, they collapse after cutting), topped with whipped cream and a crispy layer of butter dough and finally, last but not least, a good dusting of icing sugar. You see? Your mouth is watering already.