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How to get to Bled?


From Ljubljana Airport (Letališče Jožeta Pučnika)

Comming from airport, the best way is to take (preordered) shuttle service or a normal taxi. Taxi should cost arround 40 EUR and the ride takes about 30 to 40 min. Shuttle service is probably cheaper. 


From Ljubljana

To come from the city of Ljubljana to Bled there are more posibilities: train, bus, shuttle service or taxi. Train takes quite some time to Bled jezero station (1:30 to 2:30 hours) and much less to Lesce Bled station (0:40 to 1:00), bus probably needs more than a hour (1:20) and other two possibilities arround one hour. To my surprise, I found out that taxi from Ljubljana to Bled could also be only 40 EUR to 50 EUR. Bus is much cheaper (6,30 EUR) and the main Bled bus station is close to the hotels.


By train

Comming to Bled with train you need to know that there are two train stations: Bled jezero (close to lake and some 2 km from hotels) and Lesce Bled which is arround 4 km from hotels. Bled jezero station is on a route Jesenice-Nova Gorica with few daily trains and Lesce Bles is on a route Jesenice-Ljubljana with much more trains stoping there. I am not sure if there are some taxis available on these two stations.  

Slovenian railways:

Ljubljana Bus station:


Taxi at airport

Hotel Info

We suggest next hotels. In those hotels we have done some reservations.

  Reservation for
DIV2 workshop
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GRAND HOTEL TOPLICE*****  (20 rooms) 136 EUR 155 EUR
(75,5 EUR per person)
HOTEL PARK****   (20 rooms) 83 EUR 95 EUR
(47,5 EUR per person)
HOTEL SAVICA***   (20 rooms) 74 EUR 93 EUR
(46,5 EUR per person)


All prices include: bed and breakfast, free internet, entrance to hotel swimming pool, VAT.


Turist tax (1,01 EUR per person per night) is not included in the price!


To make a reservation, please download the FORM, complete it and send to the adrress on the form!




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