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CIE publikacije

CIE001 Guidelines for Minimizing Urban Sky Glow
CIE013.3 Colour Rendering + CD D008
CIE015 Colorimetry, 3rd edition
CIE016 Daylight
CIE017.4 International Lighting Vocabulary (ILV)
CIE018.2 Physical Photometry
CIE019.21 Visual Performance (Technical Foundations)
CIE019.22 Visual Performance (Application Guidelines)
CIE023 Motorway Lighting
CIE031 Glare and Uniformity in Road Lighting
CIE032 Special Lighting
CIE033 Depreciation of Installations and their Maintenance (in Road Lighting)
CIE034 Road Lighting Lantern and Installation Data: Photometries, Classifications and Performance
CIE038 Radiometric and Photometric characteristics of Materials and their Measurement
CIE039.3 Surface Colours for Visual Signalling
CIE040 Interior Lighting: Basic Method
CIE041 Light as a True Visual Quantity: Principles of Measurement
CIE042 Lighting for Tennis
CIE043 Photometry of Floodlights
CIE044 Absolute Methods for Reflection Measurements
CIE045 Lighting for Ice Sports
CIE046 Properties and Reflection Values of Material Reflection Standards
CIE047 Road Lighting for Wet Conditions
CIE048 Road Traffic Light Signals
CIE049 Guide on the Emergency Lighting of Building Interiors
CIE051.2 A Method for Assessing the Quality of Daylight Simulators for Colorimetry
CIE052 Calculations for Interior Lighting: Applied Method
CIE053 Radiometers and Photometers
CIE054.2 Retroreflection: Definition & Measurement
CIE055 Discomfort Glare in the Interior Working Environment
CIE057 Lighting for Football
CIE058 Lighting for Sports Halls
CIE059 Polarization: Definitions and Nomenclature
CIE060 Vision and the Visual Display Unit Works Station
CIE061 Tunnel Entrance Lighting
CIE062 Lighting for Swimming Pools
CIE063 Spectroradiometry of Light Sources
CIE064 Spectral Responsivity of Optical Radiation
CIE065 Electrically Calibrated Thermal Detectors
CIE066 Road Surfaces and Lighting
CIE067 Sports Lighting Installations
CIE069 Methods of Characterizing lluminance and Luminance Meters
CIE070 The Measurement of Absolute Luminous Intensity Distributions
CIE072 Guide to the Properties and uses of Retroreflectors at Night
CIE073 Visual Aspects of Road Markings
CIE074 Roadsigns
CIE075 Spectral Luminous Efficiency Functions
CIE076 Intercomparison on Measurement of (Total) Spectral Irradiance
CIE077 Electric Light Sources - State of the Art 1987
CIE078 Brightness-Luminance Relations: Classified Bibliography
CIE079 Road Traffic Lights
CIE080 Metamerism Index: Change in Observer
CIE081 Mesopic Photometry
CIE082 CIE History 1913-1988
CIE083 Lighting of Sports Events for CTV
CIE084 Measurement of Luminous Flux
CIE085 Solar Spectral Irradiance
CIE086 CIE 1988 2° Spectral Luminous Efficiency Function for Photopic Vision
CIE087 Self-Luminous Displays
CIE088 Guide for the Lighting of Road Tunnels and Underpasses
CIE089 Technical Collection 1990
CIE090 Sunscreen Testing (UV.B)
CIE093 Road Lighting as an Accident Countermeasure
CIE094 Guide for Floodlighting
CIE095 Contrast and Visibility
CIE096 Electric Light Sources - State of the Art 1991
CIE097 Guide on the Maintenance of Indoor Electric Lighting Systems, 2nd ed.
CIE098 Personal Dosimetry of UV Radiation
CIE099 Lighting Education (1983-1989)
CIE100 Fundamentals of the Visual Task of Night Driving
CIE101 Parametric Effects in Colour-Difference Evaluation
CIE102 Recommended File Format
CIE103 Technical Collection 1993
CIE104 Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
CIE105 Spectroradiometry
CIE106 CIE Collection in Photobiology & Photochemistry
CIE107 Official Recommendation Colours of Signal Lights
CIE108 Guide to Recommended Practice of Daylight Measurement + CD-ROM D006
CIE109 Predicting Corresponding Colours under Different Chromatic and Illuminating Adaptations
CIE110 Spatial Distribution of Daylight
CIE111 Variable Message Signs
CIE112 Glare Evaluation System
CIE113 Maintained Night-Time Visibility
CIE114 CIE Collection: Photometry and Radiometry
CIE115 Lighting of Roads for Motor and Pedestrian Traffic
CIE116 Industrial Colour-Difference Evaluation
CIE117 Discomfort Glare in Interior Lighting
CIE118 CIE Collection in Colour and Vision
CIE121 Photometry & Goniophotometry of Luminaires
CIE121-SP1 The Photometry and Goniophotometry of Luminaires - Supplement 1: Luminaires for Emergency Lighting
CIE122 Digital & Colorimetry Data for CRT Displays
CIE123 Low Vision
CIE124 CIE Collection in Colour and Vision 1997
CIE125 Standard Erythema Dose, a Review
CIE126 Guidelines for Minimizing Sky Glow
CIE127 Measurement of LEDs
CIE128 Guide to the Lighting for Open-Cast Mines
CIE129 Guide for Lighting Exterior Work Areas
CIE130 Measurement of Reflectance and Transmittance
CIE132 Design Methods for Lighting of Roads + CD-ROM
CIE134 CIE Collection in Photobioiogy & Photochemistry 1999
CIE135 CIE Collection 1999 / Vision and Colour
CIE136 Guide to the Lighting of Urban Areas
CIE137 The Conspicuity of Traffic Signs in Complex Backgrounds
CIE138 CIE Collection in Photobioiogy and Photochemisty 2000
CIE139 The Influence of Light Variations in Humans. A Bibliography
CIE140 Road Lighting Calculations
CIE141 Testing of Supplementary Systems of Photometry
CIE142 Improvement to Industrial Colour-Difference Evaluation
CIE143 International Recommendations for Colour Vision Requirements for Transport
CIE144 Road Surface and Road Marking Reflection Characteristics
CIE145 Correlation of Models for Vision & Visual Performance
CIE146/147  CIE Collection on Glare 2002
CIE148  Action Spectroscopy of Skin with Tunable Lasers
CIE149 Tungsten Filament Lamps as Secondary Standard Sources
CIE150 Guide on Limitation of Effects of Obtrusive Light
CIE151 Spectral Weighting of Solar UV Radiation
CIE153 Report on Luminous Flux of High-Pressure Sodium Lamps
CIE154 The Maintenance of Outdoor Lighting Systems
CIE155 Ultraviolet Air Disinfection
CIE156 Guidelines for Evaluation of Gamut Mapping Algorithms
CIE157 Control of Damage to Museum Objects by Optical Radiation
CIE158 Ocular Lighting Effects on Human Physiology & Behaviour
CIE159 CIECAM02 Colour Appearance Model
CIE160 A Review of Chromatic Adaptation Transforms
CIE161 Lighting Design Method for Obstructed Interiors
CIE162 Chromatic Adaptation under Mixed Illumination Conditions
CIE163 The Effects of Fluorescence in the Characterization of Imaging Media
CIE164 Hollow Light Guide Technology and Applications
CIE165 CIE 10 Degree Photopic Photometric Observer
CIE166 Cognitive Colour
CIE167 Recommended Practice for Tabulating Spectral Data
CIE168 Criteria for the Evaluation of Extended-Gamut Colour Encodings
CIE169 Practical Design Guidelines for Lighting of Sport Events for CTV & Filming
CIE170-1 Fundamental Chromaticity Diagram with Physiological Axes - Part 1
CIE171 Test Cases to Assess the Accuracy of Lighting Computer Programs
CIE172 UV Protection and Clothing
CIE173 Tubular Daylight Guidance Systems
CIE174 Action Spectrum for the Production of Previtamin D3 in Human Skin
CIE175 A Framework for the Measurement of Visual Appearance
CIE176 Geometric Tolerances for Colour Measurements
CIE177 Colour Rendering of White LED Light Sources
CIE179 Methods for Characterising Tristimulus Colorimeters for Measuring the Colour of Light
CIE180 Road Transport Lighting for Developing Countries
CIE181 Hand Protection by Disposable Gloves against Occupational UV Exposure
CIE182 Calibration Methods and Photoluminescent Standards
CIE183 Definition of the Cut-Off of Vehicle Headlights
CIE184 Indoor Daylight Illuminants
CIE185 Reappraisal of Colour Matching and Grassmann's Laws
CIE186 UV-A Protection and Sunscreens
CIE187 UV-C Photocarcinogenesis Risks from Germicidal Lamps
CIE188 Performance Assessment Method for Vehicle Headlighting Systems
CIE189 Calculation of Tunnel Lighting Quality Criteria
CIE190 Calculation and Presentation of Unified Glare Rating Tables for Indoor Lighting Luminaires
CIE191 Recommended System for Mesopic Photometry based on Visual Performance
CIE192 Practical Daylight Sources for Colorimetry
CIE193 Emergency Lighting in Road Tunnels
D001 CIE Colorimetric Data
D002 Colorimetry and Colour Rendering Tables 
D007 Predicting Corresponding Colours Program 
S004 E Colours of Light Signals 
ISO 16508/CIE S006.1 E Road Traffic Light
ISO 17166/CIE S007E Standard Erythema Dose
ISO 8995-1/CIE S008E Lighting of Work Places - Part 1: Indoor
IEC62471/CIE S009 FE Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems (bilingual edition)
ISO 23539/CIE S010E Photometry - The CIE System of Photometry
ISO 15469/CIE S011 E Spatial Distribution of Daylight - CIE Standard General Sky
ISO 23603/CIE S012E Standard Method of Assessing the Spectral Quality of Daylight Simulators
S013E International Standard Global Solar UV Index
ISO 11664-1/CIE S014-1 E Colorimetry - Part 1: CIE Standard Colorimetric Observers
ISO 11664-2/ CIES014-2E Colorimetry - Part 2: CIE Standard Illuminants for Colorimetry
ISO 11664-4/CIES014-4 E Colorimetry - Part 4: CIE 1976 L*a*b* Colour Space
ISO 11664-5/CIES014-5E Colorimetry - Part 5: CIE 1976 L*u*v* Colour Space and u', v" Uniform Chromaticity Scale Diagram
S015E Lighting of Outdoor Work Places 
ISO 28077/S019E Photocarcinogenesis action spectrum (non-melanoma skin cancers) 
ISO 30061/CIE S020E Emergency Lighting
X005 Proceedings of the CIE Seminar 1992
X006 Japan CIE Session at Prakash 1991
X007 Proceedings of the CIE Symposium 1993
X008 Urban Sky Glow
X009 Advances in Photometry
X010 Colour Standards for Image Technology
X011 23rd Session CIE - Late Papers
X012 NPL-CIE UK Proceedings 1997 - Visual Scales
X013 Proceedings of the CIE LED Symposium 1997
X014 Proceedings of the CIE Colour Standards Symposium 1997
X015 1st CIE Symposium on Lighting Quality
X016 Measurements of Optical Radiation Hazards
X017 24th Session CIE - Late Papers
X018 CIE Symposium 1999 "75 years of CIE Photometry"
X019 CIE Workshops on Criteria for Road Lighting
X020 CIE Symposium 2001 "Uncertainty Evaluation"
X021 CIE Symposium 2000 "Extended Range Colour Spaces"
X022 CIE Symposium 2001 "LED Measurement"
X023 CIE Workshops on Photometric Measurement Systems
X022 CIE Symposium 2001 "LED Measurement"
X023 CIE Workshops on Photometric Measurement Systems
X024 Proceedings of ARUP/CIE Symposium on Visual Environment
X025 CIE Symposium 2002 "Temporal & Spatial Aspects of Light"
X026 CIE Symposium 2004 "LEDs Light Sources" 
X027 CIE Symposium 2004 "Light and Health: Non-Visual Effects"
X028 CIE Symposium 2005 "Vision and Lighting in Mesopic Conditions"
X029 Proceedings of the 2nd CIE Expert Symposium on Uncertainty 2006
X030 ISCC/CIE Symp 2006 "75 Years of the CIE Standard Colorimetric Observer" 
X031 Proceedings of the 2nd CIE Expert Symposium on Lighting & Health 2006
X032 Proceedings of the CIE Expert Symposium on Visual Appearance, 2006 
X034 Selected Papers of the Light and Lighting Conference
X035 Proceedings of CIE 2010 Lighting Quality and Energy Efficiency
X036 Proceedings of CIE Expert Symposium on Spectral and Imaging Methods for Photometry and Radiometry
CIE119 Proceedings, New Delhi '95 Vol. 1
CIE133 Proceedings 24th Session CIE, Warsaw 1999
CIE152 Proceedings 25th Session, San Diego 2003
CIE178 Proceedings 26th Session, Beijing 2007 CD-ROM

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Bulletin CEI (IEC) #31/01.'75
Bulletin CEI (IEC) #33/05.'75
Bulletin CEI (IEC) #34/07.'75
Bulletin CEI (IEC) #35/09.'75
Bulletin CEI (IEC) #36/11.'75
Bulletin CEI (IEC) #37/01.'76
Bulletin CEI (IEC) #39/05.'76
Bulletin CEI (IEC) #42/11.'76
Bulletin CEI (IEC) #49/01.'78
Referati II. savjetovanja JKO o rasvjeti '58
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Svetlobna reklama in razsvetljava trgovin in izložb '66 - referati
Svetlobna reklama in razsvetljava trgovin in izložb '66 - razprava in zaključki
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Arhiv tajništva SDR '92-'97 cca.
Int. Joournal of Lighting Research and Technology Vol. 26 # , '94
Svetlobna tehnika l. IV # 1, '93
Svetlobna tehnika l. VI # 1, '94
Svetlobna tehnika l. VIII # 1, '96
Svetlobna tehnika l. IX # 1, '97
Zbornik '96
Zbornik '97
Zbornik '98
Zbornik '99
Zbornik 2000
Zbornik '2001
Zbornik '2002
Zbornik '2003
Zbornik '2004
Zbornik '2005
Zbornik '2006
Zbornik '2007
Zbornik '2008
Zbornik '2009
Zbornik '2010
Zbornik '2011